GOAL: 40,000
SOLD: 13,650
Updated: 10/30/2013

Note: Orders placed Thursday for PMAG kits to California should ship on Monday or Tuesday.
Non-CA PMAG orders will generally ship within 24 hours.

Hartatac.com is pledging to stuff California full of high-capacity magazines before the new law takes effect banning the sale and purchase of magazine repair kits. We are attempting to ship 1,000 magazines into each Senate district in California. This would be 40,000 magazines by Christmas! We do not charge a service fee to disassemble the magazine and ship it to California.

Also consider purchasing our line of riveted 10/30 magazines. These are permanently modified with a rivet installed to block the magazine and follower from accommodating more than 10-rounds, making it legal in California. We offer the Gen2 magazines now, both windowed and non-windowed.

The sale is now over and our focus is now disassembling and shipping hi-capacity goodness to our friends in the fine state of Californa.

Operation California Mag Lift - www.californiamaglift.com